Take action

1.    If you are a girl and you have been told you will be married off by force or you fear that your parents have started to discuss or explore marriage plans for you, please, speak out and let us support you to negotiate your education first. Take Action! And Contact Us 

 2.   If you are a girl and you have experienced a form or type of gender-based violence (e.g. rape, defilement, incest, sexual harassment, domestic violence, battery, kidnap, trafficking, psychological or emotional abuse, torment, abandonment, neglect, starvation, maltreatment, separation from your parents, female genital mutilation or female circumcision, disinheritance, widowhood practices etc.), rise up and speak out about it. Reach out to get support to Police helplines, Pro Bono or free legal services and a sisterhood to support you. Take Action! And Contact Us Here Contact Us

 3.   If you are a girl and you have never been taken to school, or you started going to school but was pulled out of school even when you wanted to stay in school. Share your story with us and we could find the relevant support for you. Or connect you to institutions that can help you get your dream education. Take Action! And Contact Us Here Contact Us

                               Are you a girl whose rights are being violated or abused? Reach out to our team at [email protected] or call us on +2349029000609. You can visit www.girls-voices.org to learn more about our organization and our work for and with girls.