Promoting Girl Child Education

Promoting Girls Education is a call to ensure that girls are taken to school, and supported to stay in school and get a good education to help them improve their chances of livelihood in the future. Nigeria has one of the largest number of out-of-school children in the world, with some 1.5 million children aged 6-14 currently not in school. And girls’ dropout rates are high.

To capitalise on the potential of its people, and ensure healthier, more educated, empowered and productive citizens, Nigeria must invest in educating the mothers of the next generation. TGAP is helping us to use our creative digital skills to tell short stories, write poems, take compelling photographs, produce a short film, and showcase them in this website to speak out and demand that girls are educated. Want to join us? Take Action too! Write a story and send to us at [email protected] or Contact Us to share your story and have it highlighted on our website.